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Monday, 12.03.12

Tips on How to pass a Microsoft Exam

To become a Microsoft Certified Professional you need to pass at least one certification exam offered by Microsoft. Passing this exam is not easy you need to be very ready and prepared before you go ahead and take the exam. I will give you some tips and tricks on how to pass a Microsoft exam.

1 . Take Hands On Microsoft Training courses - What better way to learn and pass a Microsoft exam is to go to a proven computer training center that will give you the hands on experience on performing all the exam objectives of specific Microsoft exam

2. Practice Real world network scenario at Home Install and configure your computer and then practice doing all activities and probable scenarios that maybe given in the exam

3. Review training materials - You need to study your training materials daily

4. Do Practice Exams - Practice exams makes you well prepared to go to exam make sure to do time restriction on your practice exam

5. Pray - God will help you Pray daily ask for guidance
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