Microsoft Training Philippines

Microsoft Training Philippines

Welcome to Microsoft Training in the Philippines. Microsoft certification is one of the most in demand certification in the IT industry. Almost all small to large companies are using an Operating System build by Microsoft be it a Desktop Operating system or a Server Operating System.

You can start from entry level certification by getting the Microsoft Desktop Support technician. In this certification, you will be qualified to support all desktop operating system running Windows 7. You only need to pass 1 exam to be certified as Desktop Support Technician

As you go along you can get the more advance certification such as MCITP Server Administrator You need to pass 3 exams for this certification. If you happen to work in an enterprise or large company which have enormous networks then you can get the MCITP Enterprise Administrator certification you only need to pass 2 exams for this if you passed already the 3 exams for MCITP Server Administrator

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